Facts and Highlights

+ Commitment to Quality.
+ Effective Communication.
+ 24/7 Customer Support.
+ Cost Efficiency (Maximum ROI)

Client Testimonials

CodersTech has been very communicative and creative. I've conferenced with them several times over Skype and discussed new scope items. Their personnel have understood our needs quickly and often suggested additional features that would complement the intent of our site design. Also, over the course of the project, our requirements grew; CodersTech was reasonable with their pricing for the additional features and quickly integrated the new scope into the project schedule. I would recommend CodersTech to anyone requiring web design involving Wordpress and SQL database functionality!

Zend Framework Development

Zend Framework components support object oriented (oops) methodology. Its Model View Controller (MVC) implementation supports layouts and PHP based templates. It has also support multiple databases.

Zend Framework Application Development Advantages :

Completely Object Oriented
Fluent interfaces and abstract classes
Rich library for frequent usage in applications
Future expansion scopes
An extensible and well-tested code
A flexible architecture with
Easy to expand and enhance
No configuration files necessary to up and running
Easy maintenance and deployment

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